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Sal’s family and I have been utterly overwhelmed by the fantastic and heartfelt outpouring of love, sorrow and support that’s come from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even well-wishers who only knew her by reputation, it’s been incredible, and we would like to thank you all hugely.

You may have seen some of my tributes to Sal on Facebook or wider afield, I think she’d be tickled to know she made it into The Times. Thankfully we’d talked about what might happen and Sal’s view was the most important thing was to spread the word about checking for breast cancer (especially in young women as well as older, and even men too) and thankfully the local press and TV have done her proud with that.

So now it comes time to lay her to rest, and thankfully we’d also had time to talk (and even joke) about that too. Sal was never one to do things traditionally and her wish was to have a ‘natural’ burial and have a tree planted over her (we’ve chosen an oak) so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

It won’t be a formal (or very long) ceremony, Sal’s wicker coffin, garlanded with flowers will be placed over her plot and we can celebrate Sal’s life, loves, achievements, sense of fun and joy rather than dwell on her loss – she’s still with us in all of our hearts, in the lives she’s affected both as a person and as a teacher and scientist and of course she lives on in Scarlett, who loves the site (we visited it last weekend) and already calls it the ‘Mummy Field’.

Sal’s Funeral Details - ‘Two Weddings, a Funeral and two Parties’

Please share these details with Sal’s friends from every walk of life, she was always one to enjoy and include as many people as possible so tell friends,

colleagues and students from academia, the University, from the world of re-enactment, from corsetry, cake-baking, music... everywhere.

Sal’s funeral will be on

FRIDAY 14th JULY at 1pm

 at the DALE HILL NATURAL BURIAL GROUND in Ockbrook, Derbyshire DE72 3RY


 (The site is part of the Locko Park Estate and is signposted well. It’s right next to the Bartlewood Lodge Pub, so follow signs for that too. Yep, next to a a pub. Sal would LOVE that…)

Click HERE for a MAP

Afterwards (or if you can’t make the ceremony itself) you are all invited to



from about 3pm for food, drink and a chance for everyone to share their experiences, poems, stories and love of Sal with everyone else.

Click HERE for ADDRESS and MAP.

Parking on Traffic Street.


All we ask is if you’re coming:

Please let me know HOW MANY PEOPLE AND HOW MANY CARS to the Burial and to the Wake (for catering, logistical and parking purposes).

Please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, ideally in the next week, it’s really very important!

PLEASE SEND ALL REPLIES TO: sal@timpollard.com

DRESS CODE: There really isn’t one. And I won’t say ‘no black’ (because Sal loved black) but I will say ‘no sadness’! Wear what you want though – full armour, lime green mankinis*, colourful wigs or dyed hair, corsets – whatever. Celebrate Sal, celebrate life.

* If I’m honest, maybe not mankinis. But hey, it’d make Sal smile…

And please, no flowers – Sal (and all of us) were greatly, marvellously and utterly invaluably helped by a number of astounding groups and organisations, especially the NHS, Macmillan Cancer Relief, the Red Cross, Hayward House respite care, both the Nottingham and Treetops Hospices and Maggies Cancer charity. So in memory of Sal if you’d care to make a donation to the Just Giving page I’ve started in her memory, please do at https://www.gofundme.com/sally-pollard-s-thank-you-fund

And thank you all, truly. Let’s send Sal off with the same love she gave to everyone, and smile when we think of her.


Then come to SALFEST

4th-6th August 2017

Sal used to love Nottingham’s annual RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL as it always fell very close to (or on) her birthday. This year she would have been 40 so we’re all going to party and celebrate her life, please join us to laugh, dance, sing (and drink)!

Click for details HERE

 First of all - thank you.