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Nottingham is a city built on caves and the inaugural Nottingham Caves Festival will see a range of events taking place in caves across the city – including live music, food and drink events, special tours and storytelling events.

Hidden beneath the streets of Nottingham is a secret cave network, with over 700 (and some believe up to 1000) caves dating back to medieval times. They’ve been used as homes, bomb shelters and even jail cells.

Find out more and meet Nottingham’s official Robin Hood

Monday 17 – Sunday 23 October in the Old Market Square

The Caves Festival Hub is open 11am – 6pm daily



A Caves Festival hub Old Market Square will also provide visitors with insight into the history of the caves, and interactive activities to bring the stories of the caves to life.

Robin Hood at Nottingham’s Festival of Caves 2016

Tim and Sal have been Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood and Maid Marian for over ten years now - and we are also a couple in real life!

Tim began his full time outlawry over twenty one years ago working at medieval banquets and then with Nottingham City Council for all their tourism, promotions and other civic events including the city’s annual Robin Hood Pageant, parades, Royal and Olympic visits and regularly at special events and tours at Nottingham Castle. Sal became Maid Marian about eight years ago (when she’s not teaching genetics at Nottingham University!) and since then we’ve also become a very happy couple - and parents in real life!

We’ve been featured as Robin and Marian (and as parents) in national and international press, regularly on television and radio and have met royalty, carried the Olympic Torch and travelled overseas, all to promote the great city of Nottingham and the legend of Robin and Marian - it really is the best job in the world!

Robin Hood Brewery Tours at CASTLE ROCK BREWERY

Have you ever wondered how Nottingham’s finest beers are made? Book a special tour of the city’s famous and award-winning CASTLE ROCK BREWERY and you can find out!

Learn about the history of the Brewery and then take a tour around the brewery itself, seeing the ingredients that go into beer and then seeing how the process works from start to finish - and after that get behind the bar in our Visitors’ Centre and pull yourself a beer before enjoying several samples of different beers! The tour itself lasts about 45 minutes - see what other people have said about the tour on TripAdvisor!

For more details or to book by ‘phone call the Vat and Fiddle on  0115 985 0611 or click HERE for more online details.